Fix Windows EFI Boot system

  1. Boot the computer using the Windows 10 installation USB stick.

  2. On the first screen, press SHIFT+F10 to bring up the command prompt.

  3. Run the following commands at the command prompt:

list disk

select disk #
list partition
select partition X
shrink desired=100
create partition efi size=100
format quick fs=fat32
assign letter=s
list partition
bcdboot X:\windows /s S:
bootrec /fixmbr
bootrec /fixboot
bootrec /scanos
bootrec /rebuildbcd

Note: Replace "X" with the volume letter of the Windows OS partition. Replace "#" with the disk where you want to add the EFI System partition.

Remove the Windows installation USB stick and restart the computer into your BIOS settings and set the SSD as the First Boot Device.EFI


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