FIX: OSX Citrix Receiver Keyboard showing incorrect characters

If you are using the Citrix Receiver/Viewer to connect from your Apple OSX device to a virtual Microsoft Windows desktop you might run into trouble with the keyboard layout. So for example if type the number 5 it will show % and the letter y will become p instead (etc..), quite annoying but luckily easy to solve!


1. Exit and close the Citrix Viewer application;

2. Open Finder and from the menu select: [Go] > [Go to Folder] (shift+command+G);

3. Enter location: ~/Library/Application Support/Citrix Receiver and click [Go];

4. The Citrix Receiver folder will open showing the following content:

5. Open the file: Config with the TextEdit application;

6. change: KeyboardLayout=(User Profile) into KeyboardLayout=US-International and save your changes.


  1. Hoi Normen, bij mij werkte het helaas niet. Het lukt niet om de tweede stap uit te voeren (map opzoeken via GO> en Go to folder). Als ik de naam intypen en op Ga druk, dan gebeurt er stap wordt niet uitgevoerd. Weet je misschien waar dit aan zou kunnen liggen?

    • Hoi Pali, Kun je via de Finder wel deze locatie benaderen: ~/Library/ en dan van daaruit handmatig door de mappen heen klikken (/Users//Library/Application Support/Citrix Receiver)

  2. Thank you Normen for providing this great and simple fix.
    Definitely, this the only solution that works for this issue.

  3. Thank you very much for this solution! This still works!
    This really helps against frustrations 😉

  4. Omg I was struggling to Figure out how to do this out for so much .. got so frustrated until I found your article. Thank you so much for trying to make me understand what was the issue. Thank you thank you thank k you

  5. At the library/application support/Citrix receiver location no folder exists with the name config. There is only one text editor doc but is named usb.conf

    Please help

  6. Thank you so much! I’m working remotely via Citrix and couldn’t access certain characters. I’m not techy, but I followed your fix and it did the job. So grateful.

  7. It works. Thank a million! My wife is working at home because of the Corona virus. Loggin in worked fine, but everything apart form normal letters was weird. And now it’s fine. Thank.

  8. New to Mac, and new to Citrix Receiver, imaging how lost I was when I ran into this issue. 😉 Spent so much time searching for a solution, and finally found the fix. Thank you very much for sharing it!

  9. Thank you Normen! Finally a solution that works and continues to work!! Like Jesse, I have been dealing with this issue that suddenly started happening intermittently to then being a constant issue which was frustrating and unproductive. To get around it I had to launch my virtual keyboard! Thank you for sharing this simple fix!

  10. My Mac doesn’t seem to find this location~/Library/Application Support/Citrix Receiver so this isn’t working for me. Its so frustrating!

  11. Thank you for posting this. I have been frustrated by this for some time and you have helped me tremendously!

  12. THANK YOU!!! This has been driving me nuts for months. Nice to finally have a clear and easy solution 🙂

  13. Thanks Normen, It also worked for me…. And your directions were clear and spot on.

  14. Thank you so much! I have been struggling with my question marks, apostrophes, and other weird characters for months. I uninstalled and reinstalled Citrix lots of times and our IT department just kept shrugging their shoulders. I found this and it works once again.

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